i'm the king of the highway

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FACT #1:
I'm not amazing at anything. I'm just okay at everything. It frustrates me more than anything.


Logging onto my long lost tumblr account and reading very old posts and thinking to myself, did I really write that?

It’s safe to say I am really not in that mindset anymore (Thank Lord Jesus Christ) if anything, the complete opposite! 

I am Renae (fine, it’s really spelt Rene- but I am thinking about getting it legally changed so I don’t have to break the news to my boyfriend’s parents that I’ve been living a lie the day we get married) Bernardo, the happiest 22 year old Melbournian who is so and I mean SO, happy with my life! 

Reading those pasts posts shows me how much I’ve grown. The cause of my happiness is most definitely from the love I have for myself. You will never really understand it until it happens to you.

But before I get carried away (I totally forgot how much fun this is), it’s sesh o’clock!